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electrical installations

Correct electrical installation is crucial during the construction of a property. Installations are hidden under floors and embedded in walls or ceilings throughout the building. A bad installation may cause untraceable faults, rendering a completed construction dangerous to inhabit, or even causing serious injuries and fires. Up-to-date national standards must be followed in order to minimize these dangers.

Msquare has successfully completed many notably demanding installations, from optimizing the electricals of a busy hotel with minimal disruption to the guests, to a full overhaul of the Norwegian Embassy in Athens. All of our installations are performed with quality, safety and performance in mind.


At Msquare, we understand that HVAC is a uniquely individual subject and that every customer has their own ideal temperature and sensitivities. Whether you like to keep your workplace warm and the water sales flowing, or wake up to a cold breeze in your own home, the design of our systems incorporates the ability to fully tailor the environment in your property to your needs, day and night and whatever the weather outside.

Security Systems

By working with top quality manufacturers in the security sector, Msquare can provide quintessential solutions to secure both your working environment and home.

Fully optimized digital cameras can provide you with a clear and crisp view of your property, while the correct alarm installation will serve to protect both you and your valuable items against possible intrusions.

Electrical Planning

Before proceeding with an electrical installation, a survey must be performed in order to obtain a complete view of the property. Any future electrical installations will become easier, faster and cheaper once this information has been documented for you.

Msquare carries out electrical planning for even the most demanding installations, at a standard that is second to none.

Nowadays, everything is “smart” - mobile phones, tablets, TV’s, cars and more. We’re in a period where everything can be controlled by a smart device in order to improve your standard of living.

The smarter an installation becomes, the more energy efficient it becomes, which results in a lower energy bill for you.

If you’re looking to save money and smarten up, we provide the best solutions to make your lighting, heating and air conditioning intelligent and safe.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is important for residential, commercial and industrial users. With successful energy conservation measures in place, your needs and energy habits can be maintained while your costs are significantly lowered.

It’s proven that the wealthier someone feels, the more energy they consume. If you’re using and wasting unnecessarily expensive forms of energy, you could be losing more money than you think.

With a proper conservation survey by Msquare Electrical, your operational, maintenance, installation and purchase costs will all be expertly analyzed and calculated. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the finest energy effective solutions to meet your demands at a justifiable and affordable price point.

About Us

Msquare - Electrical was established in Athens in 2014, although the earlier signs of the company begun in 2011 with external co operations. The company isin the position of undertaking the most demanding contracting works while keeping the quality and services to the highest level.